A Desert Storm at Night

desert storm book cover

The Sonoran Desert is never more alive than during summer thunderstorms, especially at night. The rain comes down in sheets, the thunder booms, and the lightning lights up the desert, casting a glow on giant saguaros, who appear like lost souls from another world. I tried to capture the essense of these impressive natural events by using moving light at night. This seemed to capture the "electrically charged" nature of desert thunderstorms. The five triptichs follow a thunderstorm from its initial rumblings, to its ferocious climax, and finally to its subdued ending.

Production notes: All the images below were produced by panning, and sometimes shaking, my camera past lights at night. My equipment was decidedly low tech: a simple point-and-shoot digital camera and a flashlight (to make sure I didn't step on any rattlesnakes or back into a cactus). The images were not manipulated in PhotoShop or any other graphics program.

desert storm B1 desert storm B2 desert storm B3
T R I P T Y C H    O N E
Distant lightning and thunder...
desert storm A1 desert storm A2 desert storm A3
T R I P T Y C H    T W O
The gathering storm...
desert storm C1 desert storm C2 desert storm CA3
T R I P T Y C H    T H R E E
The tempest...
desert storm D1 desert storm D2 desert storm D3
T R I P T Y C H    F O U R
Wind and rain...
desert storm E1 desert storm E2 desert storm E3
T R I P T Y C H    F I V E
The storm abates...
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