The Remembered Earth

The Remembered Earth bound book

The Remembered Earth captures some of my favorite nature quotes and images from travels in the Western United States.

All the type in this book was hand-set. The first decision was to select a font that would be in harmony with the theme of the book. From my type cabinet (below) I selected Arrighi 12 point type (italic) for the nature quotes and Centaur 12 point roman for everything else.

type cabinet

The type was gathered letter by letter and placed in a composing stick. The photo below shows the a completed type block in a composing stick. The final printed quote is above the composing stick.

composing stick

The type block was then locked up into a chase (the metal frame in the photo below). The type block, furniture (wood or metal blocks), reglets (thin wooden spacers) and the two quoins (tightening devices) constitute the form.

the form

The chase was then placed in the press. For this project I used my 1913 Golding Official tabletop press.

chase in press

Once ink was brayered on to the inking disk the printing of the first quote was underway. This same process was repeated for all the text pages.

me at press

Once all of the text pages were printed it was time to print the linocuts. A sampling of the book's linocuts is below.

remember one.jpg remember two.jpg remember three.jpg

The printed sheets were then collated and bound into a casebound (hardback) book. If you are curious about my bookbinding process go here

A typical spread from The Remembered Earth. I used heavy-duty Kraft paper because the paper's rough texture and earthy appearance were in keeping with the theme of the book.

typical book spread

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